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18-year-old boy found after being lost in the woods for 4 days

According to CNN, an 18-year-old autistic boy was found Thursday after being reported missing in the wilderness of West Virginia,

Rescuers found Jacob Allen, sleeping in a clearing, and was hungry and weak, but seemed to be in good condition. They gave him sandwiches and candy bars before bringing him down the mountain and bringing him to the hospital.

The teen is nonverbal and the Associated Press reports that he has the mental capacity of a 3- or 4-year-old boy, making the search for Jacob complicated.

He was reported missing after he had veered away from his parents while they were on a hike.

According to MSNBC, they were hiking in the Dolly Sods Wilderness area of the Monongahela National Forest.

“Jacob’s doing amazingly well,? Karen Allen, Jacob's mother, said. “I just spent the night with him across the street in the hospital. I didn’t get much sleep. He was alert, asking for food, walking around. I spent most of the night trying to keep him in bed.?

His father Jim, and a team of seven others, found Jacob. His physician was also there.