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Blog on meeting/press conference

I couldn't find a news report about a pubic meeting or a press conference by a governmental organization. I looked at three websites and was unable to locate a story that covered any of the above. I usually do the blogs on Sundays, which could be why I had no such luck, but I want to be sure to make deadline so instead I thought I would write a paragraph regarding the issue (hopefully I can still receive full points).

When sitting in on an important meeting, you're going to have to pick and choose what elements you want to include when writing your story. Everything on the agenda isn't going to be mentioned. You have to find the news value of the meeting and go from there. I would include who was at the meeting and any important background information surrounding the issue. I would also be sure to write down any odd facial expressions or gestures from any of the participants in the meeting. Sometimes what you see becomes apart of the story. And I don't think that following the chronology of the meeting would be of best interest. I'd tell the readers what's important and why it's important to them.