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David Copperfield under investigation for sexual assault accusations

According to CNN, illusionist David Copperfield is under investigation after a Seatlle woman accused him of sexual assault Friday.

The FBI raided Copperfield's warehouse in Las Vegas Wednesday as well as the Las Vegas hotel that he performs at on a regular basis.

A lawyer representing the magician is denying all accusations.

Attorney David Chesnoff said Mr. Copperfield's reputation precedes him as an impeccable gentleman. "So we're obviously disturbed that those kind of allegations are being made, but we believe that that's a common event now, unfortunately, for celebrated people to be to be falsely accused," he said.

Although the name of the woman has not yet been released, authorities have said the assault took place over the summer in the Bahamas.

A dozen FBI agents raided the warehouse confiscating a computer hard drive, a memory chip from a digital computer, and $2 million in cash that was stored in a safe.

Copperfield earned $57 million in 2004 and 2005, according to Forbes Magazine.

According to the USA Today, Copperfield apparently stores magic tricks and memorabilia from all around the world in his Las Vegas warehouse.

Seattle FBI agent Robbie Burroughs said the investigation is related to a Seattle case. "The Seattle case is pending and that means we can't say anything about it," he said.

Copperfield, 51, has been performing a long time at the Hollywood Theater located in the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel working 6-8 weeks at a time, several times a year.