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Drug suspect caught after police chase

According to the Star Tribune, a drug suspect is recovering at the hospital Tuesday after the St. Paul police chased him into a Minneapolis neighborhood and shot him after the man fired shots at the officer and a trained narcotics dog, who was hit and sent to the hospital.

The suspect, Hector C. Aguilar, 41, of Bloomington, was sent to Hennepin County Medical Center after being shot in the hand and the buttocks and is now listed as satisfactory condition.

The dog underwent surgery at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center after being shot in the front right paw. The dog is recovering and is in stable conditions.

Officers were waiting for the drug suspect at the corner of West 7th and Davern Streets, where the man was expected to be carrying drugs.

Aguilar showed up with a second man and quickly fled after seeing police.

He led police on a chase west into Minneapolis, to Chicago Avenue and East Minnehaha Parkway, where the man's truck crashed into another vehicle after turning onto Minnehaha. The driver of the other vehicle was injured, but not seriously.

The suspect took off and the police officer and his police dog began chasing him on foot. The suspect fired them, hitting the dog. The officer then fired back striking the man.

According to the Pioneer Press, shots were being fired as the German Shepherd was closing in on the suspect. After the dog was shot, it took the man to the ground.

The dog, Rico, was shot two times and is a multiyear veteran of the force. It is said that he will survive.

St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh declined to identify the suspect, saying only that he had a criminal record that included a $100,000 warrant for his arrest on a charge of drug possession with intent to distribute.

Walsh would not release the identity of the officer involved in the shooting, saying only that he was at least a 10-year veteran. The officer will be on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.