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Fire kills 7 students at beach house

According to MSNBC, a fire too wild for immediate rescue killed seven college students and injured six others Sunday at a beach house in North Carolina and left only the frame and stilts the home was built on.

Six of the seven that died attended University of South Carolina in Columbia and the other attended Clemson University, according to officials. The other six that were injured and released from the hospital also attend USC.

It’s a very sad day for the University of South Carolina family,? said Dennis Pruitt, dean of students. “We’re deeply saddened by this.?

The newspaper delivery guy spotted smoke coming from the home and called 911.

The home, which was privately owned, was being occupied by the owner's daughter and her friends.

The fire broke out sometimes before 7 a.m. and had completely burned through the first and second floor. "The house was at a complete loss," Mayor Debbie Smith said.

Four other homes within a block were also filled with college students. Neighbor Jeff Newsome said the students were going back and forth between the houses all weekend long.

The victim's bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but an investigation is taking place.

According to CNN, the USC students were members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, but the dean is making sure to note that the weekend gathering was not a Greek activity.

"We suffered a terrible tragedy at Ocean Isle this morning," Smith said in a news conference. "Nothing like this has ever happened at Ocean Isle Beach, and we hope it never will again."

Smith said the names of the victims have not yet been released.

Ocean Isle Beach is located on the southern coast of North Carolina is a string of seven islands.