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First day/follow story analysis

I looked at two different stories regarding the latest beef recall. One story was written on Oct. 4 and the other one, the following day. Both stories were published in the New York Times.

The leads differ in that the stories are both taking on completely different directions. The first story lead explains that lawyers are suing Topps Company, who had the beef recall. The second story explains that the United States Department of Agriculture didn't respond to the recall quickly enough and that they're taking speedier methods in future recalls.

The first story went into detail about the different cases that had arised from the recall, giving specific details about the people involved and the exact situations that occurred.

The second story was more about the technicality of the recall, what E. Coli is, and why exactly the recall had occurred. It went more into detail about the timeline of the recall. It just gave more specifics than the first story, probably because more information was obtained the next day. It also explained what states the lawsuits were happening in. The second-day story was not a response to a report from a competing news organization.