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Numbers blog

The story I chose to analyze the ways news uses numbers is in regard to the First Lady of Argentina winning the Argentinean presidency.

Many numbers are used in this article and they're primarily used to explain the voting polls. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had to win by 40 percent with a 10 percent lead over her nearest rival. The story mentions percentages probably four times and with different groups of numbers. It also discusses percentage points in numbers as well. Also, it states that there were 12,700 polling stations open late for the people to vote. It also gives several different dates to explain previous elections and past political issues. It also says there are 21.7 million people that are required by law to vote.

The numbers were a little overwhelming and was a little difficult to follow because there were so many. I had to read it three times so I could really understand the magnitude of the situation. It could have been easier if there weren't so many numbers, maybe the writer could have left some out; I don't think all of them were really necessary. The numbers definitely helped the writer to tell the story more effectively and the math was minimal. The numbers helped to the readers to understand what was going on and why as well.

The sources were primarily the electoral officials. Also, I think with polling numbers it's just more credible because you can look them up anywhere. They are pretty publicly known. The sources were not listed completely, if not at all.