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The story I chose to analyze for this analysis is the Favre story.

The reporter wrote the story very effectively, I thought. When writing about sports, I think you have to be careful how the information is placed. I don't know for sure but I think there's a different structure for it. Anyways, the writer stated all the very important information right away in the first few sentences. She states that Packer's quarterback Brett Favre broke the world record, how he broke it, and that the Packers led in victory during Sunday's game. That was the story in a nutshell and the reader knew just by reading the first few lines. Then the reporter goes on to tell the order of events of the game against the Vikings sort of following a chronology. She included many sources and quotes from players that helped tell the story. Some of the quotes really added drama and meaning to the story and made the reader feel excited for Favre and his team. I think how the story was written was effective and good decisions were made. It obviously should have started with the most important facts up front right in the beginning, then a mini play by play of the big game, then follow-up with some quotes, sources and information about what's going on with the Packers (their goals, victories, plans, etc.). It could have been written differently. The reporter could have written the beginning sentences differently. She/he could have created a scene for the reader before diving right in to the hard news. She could have not included a detailed play by play of the game and could have chosen her sources and quotes differently. The drama aspect could have been left out but I think it was a good idea to add it.