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Students mistake meth for candy at school

According to the Pioneer Press, a 14-year-old girl admitted Wednesday to bringing crystal methamphetamine to school and giving it to other on Tuesday.

Seven students, including the girl at Hazel Park Middle School in St. Paul were sent to nearby hospitals after taking the meth. Her house was searched and authorities found about two grams of the drug.

The girl is being held at the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center and will remain there until her Oct. 10 court date. She has pleaded guilty to second-degree sale of a controlled substance in a school zone, a felony.

Officials said the fate of the girl will most likely be up to a judge and her background will be taken into consideration.

All the students were released from the hospital after being treated on Tuesday.

According to the Star Tribune, the students who ingested the drug were all around 14 years old and because the drug they took is usually smoked, it appears that at least some of the kids didn't know what they were doing because they had eaten it.

All seven students are suspended from school until further notice and some, if not all of them, may receive further consequences said Principal Coleman McDonough.

Other students at the school said they heard the girl told classmates that the drug was candy.

As of Wednesday, no other arrests were made in the case.