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Tunnel accident is fatal killing 2, injuring 10

According to USA Today, two people are dead and at least ten are injured Friday after a 15-truck pile-up evolved inside an interstate tunnel that leads into Los Angeles.

The accident occurred after two big-rig trucks collided into one another and several other cars crashed into them. The trucks exploded and the fire quickly spread to the surrounding vehicles.

"It looked like a bomb went off," said Los Angeles County firefighter Scott Clark, who arrived along with about 300 other firefighters soon after the 11 p.m. crash. He and most of the others stayed well past dawn to battle the flames, which reached as high as 100 feet into the sky.

Twenty people escaped the tunnel, including the ten that were injured. Most people had only minor injuries and a couple received moderate injuries. Two were found dead inside the tunnel.

"We're going to have to do a very methodical search," Deputy Chief John Tripp had said earlier. "There could be, unfortunately, more people that were not able to escape."

According to CNN, the tunnel is 550 feet long and is designated towards big-rig trucks but cars are allowed to pass through as well. Five to six trucks were in the tunnel when the accident occurred.

The fire had burned intensely up to four hours. Fire officials have entered the first 50 feet of the tunnel, and only moving ten feet in at at time and taking extreme caution.

Officials have not yet identified the two fatalities and the tunnel is expected to open again by Tuesday morning.