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Typhoon Krosa disrupts over 1.4 million people

According to the New York Times, Typhoon Krosa swept southeast China Sunday killing five people on Taiwan and forcing more than 1.4 million others to evacuate on the mainland. In Vietnam, a separate storm killed 55.

The typoon came through China's Zhejiang and Fujian provinces and quickly weakened, lowering it to tropical storm status.

More than 1.4 million people were evacuated in the coastal areas, including 500,000 tourists who were at beach resorts celebrating the National Day holiday week.

75,000 fishing vessels in the two provinces were ordered back to port and trips by ferries and sightseeing boats were canceled.

Over 2 million houses lost power and it soaked the entire island.

According to the Star Tribune, mainland China prepared for the storm with authorities ordering people to go to safer grounds.

As of 4 p.m. local time, Krosa, just 18 miles away, sustained winds over 114 mph.

The island's capital, Taipei, was rather quiet prior to the storm as shops and businesses closed early and people stayed inside their homes. The storm uprooted more than 200 trees and had flooded a suburban neighborhood knee-deep in water.

Cathay Pacific Airways canceled flights from Taipei to Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Dragon Airlines also canceled flights between Taiwan and Hong Kong.