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5 Russian ships sink causing environmental catastrophe

According to MSNBC, waves in a bad storm split a Russian oil tanker in two spilling at least 560,000 gallons of fuel into a strait that leads to the Black Sea and officials are saying its going to take years to clean up.

The 18-foot waves also sank two Russian freights that were nearby and eight people were reported missing from one freighter but all were captured on the other.

The two ships combined were carrying over 7,150 tons of sulfur and could lead to significant environmental damage.

According to CNN, at least two sailors died and 23 were reported missing after five ships have sank in both the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

Twenty-foot waves and over 78 mph winds made the task of rescuing crew members and cleaning up the spills extremely difficult.

"At the moment specialists are trying to work out the size of the oil spill and the direction it's heading," he said. "We will alert the respective Ukrainian services if the spill moves in their direction."