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Mexico flood

According to the MSNBC, a Mexico flood Saturday left 800,000 people homeless and has citizens sleeping on the roofs of their homes waiting for help to arrive.

Almost the entire state is under water and the destructive weather has effected more than half of Mexico's entire population.

Pregnant women and children held signs up on their roof pleading for safety, citizens fight for the limited food and water supply, and livestock swim neck-high in murky, muddy water.

More than 28,000 people have been rescued by army and navy teams despite the foggy weather conditions and people hovering helicopters trying to grab on.

Elelectricity and drinking water has been shut off as well as power and phone lines leaving limited necessities to the people.

According to CNN, eight people have died in the widespread flood, but officials say rivers receded slightly on Saturday and will continue to.

Over 69,000 people are staying in shelters and many others are fleeing the state as water, food, and electricity become scarce.

Officials are saying that with so many people packed together in the area, a spread of disease is very likely.