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Packers declare victory of Vikings in Green Bay

According to the Pioneer Press, the Packers declare yet another victory Sunday after beating the Vikings 34-0 and roughing up rookie running back Adrian Peterson.

Peterson injured his knee late in the third quarter after catching a pass from quarterback Brooks Bollinger and being tackled bycornerback Al Harris.

Peterson was escorted to the bench and medical examiners looked at his knee. He did not return back to the game.

The Vikings (3-6) were hoping to declare this game, especially after Peterson broke a record last Sunday in a victory over San Diego carrying the NFL-record rushing yards to 296.

According to the Star Tribune, Peterson wasn't the only one feeling a little off balance in Sunday's game. Brett Favre, quarterback for the Packers, took an elbow the head in the third quarter and reported feeling woozy once he stood up.

But that didn't stop him from driving his team to another glorious win. "I don't want to say it was a concussion, I'm not a doctor," Favre said. "But I was a little woozy when I stood up. I was well aware of what was going on, but I was a little light on the foot."

Favre passed yet another milestone in Sunday's game joining Dan Marino in the only NFL quarterbacks ever to thre over 60,000 career yards.