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Canadian pig farmer found guilty

According to MSNBC, a Canadaian pig farmer was found guilty Sunday on six counts of second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. It is said that he is country's worst serial killer.

Robert "Willie" Pickton's verdict ended the trial of the six of 26 murders of women, who were mostly prostitutes and drug addicts from a Vancouver neighborhood.

The remains of the bodies were found Pickton's farm but he denied that he killed them.

The jury was compromised of seven men and five women and had the option of charging him with first-degree murder, but didn't. The murders were not premeditated.

Pickton, 58, will serve life in prison and will not to be able to appeal for ten years.

Prosecutors said he will be tried for the other 20 murders but a date has not yet been set.

According to the Star Tribune, if Pickton is charged with the other 20 murders, he will become Canad's most prolific serial killer.

Police are investigating the missing of 40 other women.

Pickton listened to the verdict being read with his head down and witnesses said he smirked at one point.

He will be sentenced on Tuesday after the judge decides when exactly he will be eligible for parole.

It took the jury 10 days to reach a verdict.