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CAR Analysis

I found a story using the Extra! Extra! link recommended by you in our guide.

Here is the link to the When Seconds Count story.

This story was about how ambulances are taking a long time to respond and arrive to reach the victim's at their homes or places of business.

A reporter did an investigation to track it and then reported on it. The number were actually quite shocking and a lot of the victim's and their family members reported in the story were upset.

The reporter looked at more than 70,000 EMS response time records and tracked them all. You can tell he used CAR for this story as he looked in the county's database for the records, which was stored electronically.

He then needed to analyze the numbers mathematically. I'm assuming critical thinking came into play in doing so. He needed to analyze it so he could write it for his readers to understand in a clear and simple way.

I'm also assuming some sort of spreadsheet software (Excel) was probably used in analyzing the data and figuring out the mathematical aspect. The reporter had to be efficient enough to use the spreadsheet software and whatever other programs were used in doing a full analysis.

A lot of numbers were used in the story and many figures were reported. The reporter, at the very least, had to possess some basic math skills.