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Trial for the killing of nun by a drunk driver

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The trial for the drunk driving accident which killed a Richmond based nun will take place Monday.

According to WSLS 10 the defendant Carlos Martinelly Montano is an illegal immigrant who has multiple other charges against him including 2 Driving Under the Influence charges.

The Washington Examiner reports that Martinelly was in the process of being deported at the time of the crash.

Martinelly could be facing up to 70 years in prison according to The Washington Examiner.

The Minneci v. Pollard case involves a former inmate of a privately owned prison who is charging employees of the prison with violations of the constitutional right forbidding cruel and unusual punishment. The case is being brought before the Supreme Court.

According to The Wall Street Journal the outcome of this case could give permission to inmates of privately run prisons to bring lawsuits to federal court the same as inmates in federally run prisons.

Officials say that cases charging non-federal government employees with violating constitutional rights are incorrect according to the Miami Herald.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for this case Tuesday.

Defendants plead guilty to counterfeiting charges

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Defendants plead guilty to counterfeiting charges in federal court.

The counterfeiting circle spent 5 dollar bills which had been chemically washed and reprinted as 100 dollar bills at businesses along the Interstate 25 corridor between the Twin Cities and Iowa according to the Globe Gazette.

Three of the six defendants were from Albert Lea according to the Globe Gazette.

Two of these three defendants were a husband and wife who admitted to passing off thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit bills according to the Star Tribune.

Dates for the sentencing hearings on the six defendants have not been set yet according to the Globe Gazette.

Trial put on hold untill further autopsy results are in

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The trial of a 21-year-old man accused of third degree murder was put on hold Friday due to the defense stating they needed more information about 2C-E a synthetic drug that Timothy LaMere is suspected of giving to a 19-year-old man at a house party in Blaine.

LaMere is accused of supplying Trevor Robinson with 2C-E on March 17 according to the Pioneer Press. Robinson overdosed on the drug and died later that day.

The defense attorney Brad Zunker says that officials are not clear on what is in Robinson's blood according to Inforum.

Until the final autopsy results come in Zunker says that he can not advise his client effectively according to the Pioneer Press.

Anoka County Judge Alan Pendleton has pushed the trial date back from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30.

Bangkok Flooding- the coverage varies

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The coverage of the flooding around Bangkok varies from that of the sacrificed suburbs to the overemphasis the media has given the flood which is hurting the tourism business in Bangkok.

The New York Times focuses on the controversy surrounding the issue of sacrificing the suburbs and some of the neighboring villages to the flood waters to then save Bangkok.

"If we let the floodwall collapse or if the sluices fail, the water will burst into Bangkok, the capital of our nation," Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said according to the New York Times. "Foreigners will lose confidence in us and wonder why we cannot save our own capital."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution focused instead on how the economy of Bangkok is faring during these hard times. They reported that many Bangkok residents believe that the flood has been over-dramatized, "Look around," a tour guide Keerati Atui said, "It's dry. Everything here is normal."

The differing perspectives these two articles took cast this situation in very different lights.

Herman Cain- pro-life or pro-choice?

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Herman Cain is running for the Republican Presidential nomination and has been recently under fire for his inconsistent comments on abortion.

Cain has stated, "I'm pro-life from conception, period." He has also made comments stating that the decision is ultimately up to the family or the woman according to CBS News.

These inconsistencies are detrimental to his campaign in Iowa according to Real Clear Politics.

"When you are a front-running candidate, Iowans expect you to know where you stand, and you better have firm footing," Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's communications director said to a reporter for Real Clear Politics.

Occupy Wall Street protesters in Tennessee

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A crowd of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Nashville, Tenn. stayed past the recently imposed curfew for a third night but this time no arrests were made according to the Associated Press.

The state officials set a curfew for the people on the Legislative Plaza Thursday which a judge stated was not within their rights to do so reported Philly.com.

Nashville magistrate Tom Nelson told the Associated Press that there is no legal standing in Nashville to jail the demonstrators.

The arrests that have been made are setting Tennessee and other states up for liability some legal experts say according to the Associated Press. These arrests seem to be a violation of the First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble, a former prosecutor David Raybin told The Associated Press.

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