Bangkok Flooding- the coverage varies

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The coverage of the flooding around Bangkok varies from that of the sacrificed suburbs to the overemphasis the media has given the flood which is hurting the tourism business in Bangkok.

The New York Times focuses on the controversy surrounding the issue of sacrificing the suburbs and some of the neighboring villages to the flood waters to then save Bangkok.

"If we let the floodwall collapse or if the sluices fail, the water will burst into Bangkok, the capital of our nation," Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said according to the New York Times. "Foreigners will lose confidence in us and wonder why we cannot save our own capital."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution focused instead on how the economy of Bangkok is faring during these hard times. They reported that many Bangkok residents believe that the flood has been over-dramatized, "Look around," a tour guide Keerati Atui said, "It's dry. Everything here is normal."

The differing perspectives these two articles took cast this situation in very different lights.

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