Walker Recall

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An article in the Star Tribune reported on the rough year Wisconsin has had in politics, focusing on the protests and petition signings that are going on right now to try to recall some of their elected officials, including their Gov. Scott Walker.

At the beginning of the article the reporter, Jim Ragsdale, sets the scene rather well, "In the Capitol rotunda one day last week, Chris Reeder stamped out a beat with his sandaled feet and led a rousing chorus of "Roll Out the Recall," while joyful demonstrators danced polka turns under the majestic dome."

Other articles surrounding this topic haven't had the time to give much scene to it as they were reporting on these events in a more breaking and hard news environment, like the one in the LaCrosse Tribune.

Further into the article in the Star Tribune, the reporter falls back into a more conventional news story telling jargon, keeping to the facts.

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