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Fox News: Panet Calls for Peace Talks

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In a broadcast by Fox News, the anchor follows the typical formula for a broadcast news story.

Unlike in a print story, the anchor opened the story with a long run on sentence that would have been hard to follow if it were written, but it being said a loud was easy to follow.

She opens each video clip she shows, with a summation of what were are going to see, paraphrasing basically what is said by the person in the video.

I liked this clip because it was easy to follow, and gave a concise view of both sides of the issue, in a short amount of time. If it had been written, it most likely would have taken a lot longer to get the point of it, and then to understand the views given.

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Controversy

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An article by Jim Gomez with the Associated Press, reported on the arrest of the former president of the Philippines, preventing her from leaving the country which according to accounts from her was to obtain medical treatment.

The article offered minimal scene or descriptions much like the article that appeared in Inquirer News, which in actuality offered no descriptive or illuminating scene imagery.

The later article was written in a strict breaking news fashion getting right down to the details, while the article by Gomez offered some color, "Arroyo, who won a seat in the House of Representatives after her stormy nine-year presidency ended last year, once had strong ties to a group of loyal army generals who shielded her from four failed coup attempts sparked by a series of corruption scandals. All have since retired."

Antonio Cassese Obituaries

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Antonio Cassese a co-founder of the international war crimes tribunals died on Saturday at age 74 due to cancer.

The New York Times and Reuters reported on this. Reuters focused on his contributions to the founding of the international war crimes tribunals and did not include who he was survived by or any background information on his life.

The New York Times had an extensive article that went deep into his past and had quotes from people who knew Cassese well.

They included who he was survived by at an awkward point in the article, 5 paragraphs before the end of the article. After the survived by section they gave more personal details and examples of the kind of person he was which seemed to me to be a little sloppy, the author could have simply moved the survived by section to the end and it would not have hurt the article in any way.

Bangkok Flooding- the coverage varies

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The coverage of the flooding around Bangkok varies from that of the sacrificed suburbs to the overemphasis the media has given the flood which is hurting the tourism business in Bangkok.

The New York Times focuses on the controversy surrounding the issue of sacrificing the suburbs and some of the neighboring villages to the flood waters to then save Bangkok.

"If we let the floodwall collapse or if the sluices fail, the water will burst into Bangkok, the capital of our nation," Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said according to the New York Times. "Foreigners will lose confidence in us and wonder why we cannot save our own capital."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution focused instead on how the economy of Bangkok is faring during these hard times. They reported that many Bangkok residents believe that the flood has been over-dramatized, "Look around," a tour guide Keerati Atui said, "It's dry. Everything here is normal."

The differing perspectives these two articles took cast this situation in very different lights.

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