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Holiday Shopping

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On CNN Minnesota, there was a sort of abnormally long video about Black Friday sales.

When I had watched these types of broadcasts before I had never really thought the amount of time they devoted to them, but looking at it from the perspective of how much time they give to harder news and feature stories it seems a little off. In my mind they should spend the most amount of time on the harder news, but I can see how they might not have as much to go on as they would and do have with the feature news type stories.

The anchor in this video tripped over her words twice during the video, which I probably would never have noticed without looking at the video from this perspective.

Christmas Light Feature

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On CBS Minnesota there was a feature news video about a Christmas light park in Duluth.

They began the broadcast with some playful banter between the two anchors, unlike what they would have done, had this been a hard or breaking news story. One of the anchors was actually the reporter who drove up to Duluth to do this story.

The story was very light-hearted, and easy going with the anchor/reporter making wise cracks in the voice over track. It was almost three minutes long compared to the other harder news broadcasts which are around a minute and thirty seconds long.

Landcare Snow Story

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An article that appeared in the Minnesota Daily explains how the University's Facilities Management Landcare services are preparing for the snow.

The description during this article which is talking about a rather mundane topic, helps make it more interesting to read. "Last year's winter storms were not kind to Alex Ludwig. He spent it shoveling snow and scraping ice off of the University of Minnesota's campus sidewalks," said Yasin Muhamud, a reporter for the Minnesota Daily.

The article would have been better if the author had used more descriptions to go along with the rather dull topic.

Fulton Brewery Scene

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An article in the Minnesota Daily reported on the opening of the first brewery in downtown Minneapolis.

The reported set up the scene by describing how the four co-founders of the brewery started brewing beer in a garage five years ago. "On a frigid Saturday in February 2006, four friends huddled around a small burner for warmth as they brewed their first batch of beer in a one-car garage in the Fulton neighborhood of Minneapolis," said Nick Sudheimer, a reporter for the Minnesota Daily.

The use of descriptive words through out this piece kept me interested and willing to read further on, he goes on in the article to describe anecdotes of the founders adding the human element to this story.

Washington County School Voting Districts

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An article in the Star Tribune reported on the voting results of the levie requests. The districts who asked for levy renewals were mostly approved while the those who sought increases in their levies were mainly denied.

One of those districts was Stillwater.

"The Stillwater district had sought to replace its existing operating levy, which raises $996.57 per student, with a new levy of $1,465 per student. The current levy expires in 2014. The new levy would have been in effect for seven years. But 52 percent of those voting opposed the request, " a reporter for the Star Tribune said.

Something that is missing from this article is exactly how many people turned out to vote compared to how many could have voted. That would add a whole other element to this story.

Enrollement in District 191

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An article in Savage Pacer discusses the drop in enrollment in School District 191, which encompasses the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District.

The reporter goes into great depth and gives the numbers in a way that is easy to understand, "Fall enrollment for the 2001-2002 school year was 11,434 students. That means in the last 10 years, enrollment has dropped by 1,829 students, or 16 percent."

She also goes in depth into the report discussing the fact that more students are leaving the district than they have seen before and the changing demographics in the school.

Donald Sears Obituary

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Donald Sears was an auto dealer. He died Oct. 2 at age 85.

The Star Tribune decided to include that his cause of death was leukemia, which in this case I think is important, because leukemia is not a disease associated with old age, to my knowledge.

The author told this story in a rather chronological order, going right into the beginning of his life after the nutgraph. It was fitting for this story because each of the things that happened where quintessential to the next thing happening and added up to the explanation of why he was an auto dealer.

In the survived by section of this article, the author included where each of these family members were located.

David Olson Obituary

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David Olson was a broadcast journalist. He died on Oct. 19 at age 72 due to a heart attack.

The Star Tribune reported on this, including a statement from longtime friend Stuart Sanders, who said, "He could interview anyone about anything."

I particularly liked the kicker for this story where the author had a quote from a man that Olson used to work with. The quote was, "He came in as if he was saying goodbye." It's not often that you can get a quote that poignant.

Defendants plead guilty to counterfeiting charges

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Defendants plead guilty to counterfeiting charges in federal court.

The counterfeiting circle spent 5 dollar bills which had been chemically washed and reprinted as 100 dollar bills at businesses along the Interstate 25 corridor between the Twin Cities and Iowa according to the Globe Gazette.

Three of the six defendants were from Albert Lea according to the Globe Gazette.

Two of these three defendants were a husband and wife who admitted to passing off thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit bills according to the Star Tribune.

Dates for the sentencing hearings on the six defendants have not been set yet according to the Globe Gazette.

Trial put on hold untill further autopsy results are in

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The trial of a 21-year-old man accused of third degree murder was put on hold Friday due to the defense stating they needed more information about 2C-E a synthetic drug that Timothy LaMere is suspected of giving to a 19-year-old man at a house party in Blaine.

LaMere is accused of supplying Trevor Robinson with 2C-E on March 17 according to the Pioneer Press. Robinson overdosed on the drug and died later that day.

The defense attorney Brad Zunker says that officials are not clear on what is in Robinson's blood according to Inforum.

Until the final autopsy results come in Zunker says that he can not advise his client effectively according to the Pioneer Press.

Anoka County Judge Alan Pendleton has pushed the trial date back from Nov. 14 to Nov. 30.

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