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Is Google (the Internet) Making Us Stupid?

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After I read Carr's article about how the Internet is affecting us in many ways, especially when it comes to reading long book, I strongly agreed with some of the points he addressed in here. From my own experiences, I also have trouble concentrating on reading the books, just like the examples in this article. I usually scan through the books, and not reading it unless I am forced to do so. In order to make up for lack of my ability to read for a long time, I tend to depend on the Internet to get more information. The Internet has become one of the reliable sources to study.
I think that we are getting more opportunities to reach many sources from Google and the Internet rather than just getting educated from one long book. We may have lost the ability to focus on reading such a long book as Carr points out. Instead, we gained the ability to find another way to get information, such as to search online, that way we are able to save more time to read another article to help us understand the material better.
I personally think that being less capable of concentrating on reading something does not necessarily mean that we became stupid.
As the use of internet culture is changing constantly, I think that it is acceptable to behave differently than how we used to behave. As a media consumer, I cannot say that the Internet is affecting us in a bad way. The internet just gives us more choices. Therefore, I believe that the internet is not the reason why we are losing our abilities to focus and read. We are still given choices, either utilizing the internet or not using the Internet to train our ability to concentrate reading the actual books.

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