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I am learning two important things at the desk today. 1) Life is boring when we don't blog. 2) People suck. My sunny disposition is fading fast. Even as I am about to blog about rude and annoying lab users, there is a girl on her cell phone. I stared her down and she left. Damn kids.

Anyhow, Katie suggested that I blog about the situation with printing here at the SWS lab. I would venture to guess that I am not the only attendant who finds herself plagued by lab users who print and then don't have money on their cards (or don't have their cards with them, or don't have a card, or don't have a brain...). Given the aversion to more signage expressed in this weekend's emails, I wonder what we can do to ensure that lab users are aware of our printing policies. I also want to make sure that other attendants aren't just letting these would-be free-loaders off the hook and allowing them to take their materials without paying. I don't want to get a reputation as the bad cop in town so back me up on this one people.


yeah i had a serial printer come in a few times, and he would print out these really long articles of some kind, usually around 20 pages. once, he printed one 20 page article twice. and then he always asked me, "do i really have to pay for that?' or something along those lines, in reference to an extra one or two sheets that were an email or something. i just don't understand why people think they're special and don't have to follow the rules.

...ok that's a little mean of me, but really. he would always ask me that. and then one time i had my homework (writing consultancy homework, of course) sitting out on the desk, and he tried to accuse me of keeping some of his printout!! same guy!! it's quite exasperating.

sorry, that was me again, meher. i'm not sure why it always puts me down as anonymous, i'm TOTALLY signed in.

I did have someone a few weeks ago who ditched their printout once they found out they had to pay; it's like a sad little orphan. But for the most part, people have been fairly reasonable about printing. Of course, I'm only at the desk for like two hours a week, so my sample size is. . . limited.

Maybe we could begin accepting cash, but just tell people that we don't make change so they'll have to pay a full dollar for those two pages they just printed. That'd put a damper on the printer abuse. . .

This is a course of frustration near and dear to my heart. The real answer is we need a print queue (and newer than 10-year-old lab reservation system, which we finally had to give up on), but unfortunately those tech developments have been on the back burner while we built SWS.online. But, it's back on the list, now that Meherrrr riles me up!

Same with John - someone just "pretended" to go to Jones 15 & never came back for her long essay when I was attending.

I like the print queue idea, and before that's set up, maybe we should just put the printer out in the open, take all the paper out, and people can just come up and buy paper! (if they refuse to pay, we can just press "cancel" on the printer) :P

I have an extra printer at home and I'm thinking of bringing it to Appleby hall, setting it up in some closet, and charging 50 cents (there is no 'cent' sign on my keyboard!!) per copy. I could pay for my education! or at least happy hour!!