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In response to John's call for blogs--and having torn my hungry self away from the food blog Emily mentioned--here are a buncha blogs I haunt:

  • Candleblog, a blog by one of my best friends from high school. Topics include coffee, filmmaking, free speech, grammar, "the nerd life," Vermont (my home state), and many more.
  • The Masala Dose, another blog of a high school friend. A former copyeditor, Spine (the author) is now a grad student and T.A. in Portland.
  • Dohiyi Mir, another blog by a Vermonter, this one focused on politics, free speech, the peace movement, photography, and the author's pack of Dogz and Catz.
  • New York Hack, a New York cabbie's blog, less frequently updated nowadays since she's turned many of the entries into a book.

I guess my knowing about all these blogs is a direct result of another literacy experience: writing--and, more to the point, putting off writing--my dissertation.