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Commands do not Equal Education

After reading the selection on teacher and student accounts of learning to come to terms with learning, I found that I really agree with some of the other comments made about it it feels to be made to learn. I believe that no student can truly benefit from being "made" learn to read. I always believe that students should be encouraged to learn and given the proper amount of time to become comfortable. No one learns when they are afraid of the teacher or the lesson. I also believe that it would take a massive school reform to solve some of the major issues, which is what acts like NCLB thought it was doing, but in some cases has made things worse. It's hard to teach to a test or assignment when students already lack the skills and confidence to succeed. Therefore, teachers should play a role more like what we do as writing consultants and encourage that student to do better and work with them to get them to that point rather than criticize their process. This article, as one can see from my response really stuck me and I just wanted to express my opinions. The other articles touched on other central themes that we encounter as writing consultants and future educators, but this article here really helped me to see how systems have the ability to dictate how one operates and how others are left out. I really have a strong interest in these types of educational stories. Hey, I should use this for my "teaching philosophy" assignment! ~Paz~