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defensive minimalist tutoring

brooks' description of defensive minimalist tutoring made me think about my sessions where i've had trouble deploying the 'give students responsibility' tutoring technique, and it strikes me that it's not always just resistance to this type of collaborative work that can get in the way. i think it's a skill to be able to work collaboratively just as it's a skill to tutor that way. i've had some sessions where i felt like the students were really good at talking out their ideas and thinking on the go, which made their sessions go smoothly. it seems like part of the difficulty of trying to put this into practice sometimes is that classrooms, and teacher-student interactions, and universities in general often don't operate on the collaborative principles that writing centers are so big on...

i don't know if there's a bigger point. it just seems that writing center ideals often fly in the face of what we're used to as university students-- that's a disconnect that makes putting all these ideas into practice a bit harder.