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I'm becoming a blog addict

So I'm in the middle of reading the "Composing Behaviors of One-and Multi-Draft Writers" article and I imply had to stop--mid-sentence-- to blog. At the bottom of page 180, in the section entitled "Preference for Beginning with a Developed Focus vs. Preference for Beginning at an Exploratory Stage" (c'mon, who says that? who writes a fifteen-word title for a one and a half page section of an article?), Harris writes "Among the consistent behaviors that one-drafters report is the point at which they can and will start writing. All of the four one-drafters expressed..." Please explain to me how this woman can describe a trait shared by four of the millions of "one-drafters" (does she also call sandwiches "sammies?" ew.) a "consistent behavior. I am so frustrated that I want to scream. And the worst part about it is that the behaviors she goes on to describe fit me to a T. Drat.