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Mr. Sandman [Reprise]

AND she's asleep again.

Katie and I are having a hearty laugh.


Ha! I was watching the front desk for Grant a little later, and I heard a THWACK from the lab. She had fallen asleep again and somehow managed to knock her iMac off the little stand and flat onto the table. It woke her up, anyway, and the machine appears to be okay...but even now, from my office, I can see her listing to starboard--she's sinking again, I can tell.

why doesn't something like this happen when I'M attending?! not fair.

Hey, I've been there too, tryin' to keep from sleeping! One time, I totally fell asleep in Wilson library and someone droping their books woke me up... Wow, that was a tough semester. Looks like I headed for another! I guess my heart goes out for all the sleepy students! haha!