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New villain for SWS mystery theater

So here I sat, happily attending the front desk, spreading cheer and general goodwill, when I encountered one of the most frightening perils of the Writing Center: the crabby lab user. So this kid rushes in, stalks up to the desk and says "I need to print." With my usual sunny and helpful attitude, I kindly explained to him that he would have to pay with Gopher Gold. [huge, exasperated, rude sigh] "I have a class in five minutes, can't I just pay you cash?" Again, sunnily, helpfully, kindly, with an air of understanding, I tell him no. I thought (hoped?) he was just going to leave in a huff, but instead he went to a computer and printed a paper, ostensibly due in five minutes. By the time he got back to the desk, however, another student had just sneaked in ahead of him to make an appointment. With every question I asked her, every piece of information gathered, he emits another long, painful, extremely rude sigh. Somehow I don't ever picture this guy coming back, but if he does, I think he's a viable suspect for the SWS killings.


What's with the crankiness? Seems like some of the people that come to the writing center need a big old non-defensive tutoring style hug!