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The Haunted Karma Fortune Cookie


Day 0

After drinking the last gulp of her favorite spicy noodle soup at Bona, Yi carefully picks out one of the six fortune cookies in front of her. Yi does not particularly like fortune cookies. Instead of getting "You will be successful in your career and retire early to live on a beach" or "A pleasant surprise is coming your way," she always gets those slips that either give some incomprehensible proverb or instruct her to do something to improve herself. Yeah, who needs those. So, with no expectations in mind, she munched through the first half of the fortune cookie before opening the "fortune" slip.

"Enhance your karma, be nice to people."

Yi bursts out laughing. Even though she realized the fortune cookie must've been addressing her frequent joking nature, she has always joked around with friends. She has always, in one way or another, been mischievous. So, of course, Yi ignored the slip and moved on with her life.

Day 4

Yi arrives at a student organization free food event. Yes, she was there for the free food. She sees one of her newly-made friends 89757,* and they sit down to chat.

Yi: "So, do you like Minnesota/America?"
89757: "Yes, I like it very much."
Yi: "How do you like the food at UDS?"
89757: "It depends..."
Yi: "Hahahahaha noooo!!! UDS food sucks!"
Yi's other friend: "It's OK, we all know that UDS food is bad. You don't have to be polite."
89757 stares at Yi + friends blankly & chuckled nervously.

--------Half way through chatting & finishing up with their free foods---------

After firing 80 billion jokes at 89757 (Yi does that sometimes, especially when she's eating delicious free food), Yi starts to realize that 89757 didn't even understand a quarter of them. Yi starts to feel a bit stupid.

Day 5

Yi runs back to Nicholson after her Appleby shift, since she had forgotten that this particular Friday was the day to turn in time cards. Since Maggie was the one that took over after Yi left (at the attending desk), Yi looks at her mischievously and says, "Maggie, why didn't you remind me to sign my time card?!"

Maggie, in an unknown tone, replies, "are you threatening me?"

Meher, Grant (who were around), and Yi all started to laugh. Meher couldn't stop laughing, Yi was laughing confusingly & nervously. Grant...who knows. He laughed nonetheless.

Day 5.5
None of the other fortune cookies Yi has gotten has stuck with her for so long. However, it seems like no matter what Yi does, a voice in the back of Yi's head keeps whispering, "karma....karma.....karma...."

Sitting at her computer, Yi does not know why she had just typed a bunch of gibberish. Maybe it's her way of saying sorry. Maybe it's her way of trying to remind herself that there are indeed people in this world who are different than her and do not get her jokes. Maybe, for once, Yi should let fortune cookies haunt her.


*Codename for Yi's new friend, has no particular meaning except it's the title of a Chinese pop song.


Watch yo' back.

P.S. Meher and Grant told me that, when you left, you said "Have a good weekend everybody...Except Maggie!" Funnyfunny.

I'm liking the diary-style entry, and the accompanying illustrations. How come fortune cookies have nothing to do with anything that will happen in your future anymore? And why don't I ever get my lucky number???

hahahahaha! you'll find out Yi...all in good time. >:)

The pictures are very FreeDarko.com. Well done.