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what do you get when you cross my inability to focus and a computer?

A blog!

Hai guys,

So I tried posting this blog the other day while attending, but for some reason beyond my comprehension, it never showed up. Basically, I was wondering what everyone is going to be for Halloween. (Of course you'll all be dressing up...right?!) I myself plan on being David Bowie. I've narrowed it down to Ziggy Stardust, or Jareth from The Labyrinth.

Tom's presentation today was interesting, and it got me thinking about topics for my research paper. I still have no idea what I want to focus on. Tom's topic seemed so appropriate; it wasn't too broad, but was broad enough to fill up a 10-12 page requirement. I'm excited to research into something that interests me, but I'm also scared that my topic won't fit in with the assignment. I have to do a lot of thinking before deciding. (I'm quite indecisive, especially when it comes to important things like research paper topics, or what color jacket to buy.) I also found his techniques for gathering information really interesting. I'm assuming that everyone will have their own ways of gathering information, just like we all have a certain style of consulting. (HA HA.) Perhaps that will be part of the fun, finding novel ways of obtaining data. Exciting!

You know what's annoying? (I apologize...unlike Kirsten, I don't have the gift of transitions.)People that talk on their cellphone incessantly, simply because they are on the bus. Come now, there's no need for that. At least not at the volume that I heard. Plus, I don't care to hear that that one girl you knew because she lived on the floor above you last semester got pregnant and her baby is going to be messed up because she does too much crack. I have enough things to think about, I certainly don't need to worry about the next generation through the ramblings of a fourth party. P.S.--you're too loud. Consideration: a little goes a long way.

In other news, I'm covered in charcoal. By this time, it's worked it's way into my heart, soul, lungs, and veins. I AM charcoal now. These, my friends, are the joys of being an art student.

Peace out,


Ooh, you should totally do Bowie from his "Thin White Duke" phase. Buy a white suit and white fedora and white cane, and walk around singing songs about how you no longer do drugs and yearn for the past when you and Iggy were good buds. That'd be a sweet Bowie costume.

actually...i'm partial to labyrinth bowie. the hair. my god, the hair.

I'm partial to Ziggy Stardust myself...And by the way, I'm buying a red jacket JUST LIKE yours, Meher, and you know why. ;-)

Halloween is creeping up, isn't it? Crap; I need to start planning for that. I always end up throwing a costume together at the last moment (see: last year's "blood-sucking lawyer"). . .

Also: I have a couple of friends who claim that "Labyrinth" is their favorite movie of all time. . . I think less of them because of this.

Ooh charcoal - got that stuff in my lungs all the time too - might I ever see you in Regis?

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