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Who're you gonna call??!

1. Candance lent a pair of headphones to two young-lookin boys in the computer lab (their computers were being noisy).
2. Brawl ensues over said pair of headphones.
3. Maggie, attending, fears for the precious imacs surrounding the strife.
4. Candance reminds juveniles that they need to share.
5. Jayashree strolls over, asks if they are students.
6. Response: "Uh...Yeah."
7. Jayashree asks to see their IDs.
8. Younger of the two goes and fiddles with his backpack guiltily and whispers out of the corner of his mouth to the older (but still young) that they need their IDs.
9. Jayashree walks closer to the boys and again asks to see their IDs.
10. "They're...they're in my car...We're PSEO students. We're 17."
11. Younger of the two comes back with the (now broken, from the battle) headphones and asks for another pair.


P.S. Grant you should recruit Jayashree for your SWC security forces.


I don't need no backup. I'm a lean, mean, killing machine. I'm like the Rambo of the writing center.

P.S. to this story: 10 minutes after I'd finished with this blog entry, the younger of the two had the balls (teehee) to actually scan some porn sites!! granted, it was only for like, 30 seconds, but meher and i were THIS CLOSE to going to tell a responsible adult! (we told jayashree later)

Perhaps we need to invest in a C4W taser.


"Center for Writing: Tased and Confused."

You should totally ask Jayashree, considering she was a knife fighter in the early 90's. After the Scared Straight program she's calmed down a little, but she's still got the instincts.

Oh, wow, I'm never going to class again.

Did anyone else chuckle at Katie L.'s email when she put up the link for this blog entry and the "who're" turned into "whore"? Or was that only me...

yeah...I was a bit surprised at first and thought, "Maggie wrote about what??!!"

The web address for this page also says "whoreyougonnacall." My first thought was that it said "whorey" which may be one of my new favorite adjectives.