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Good Text Provoke Many Thoughts...

"...Do students' view of academic discourse change over the course of their college careers?..." is the line that really attracted my attention when reading the text about Learning to Read Biology. When I saw the title, I started to think about my own experience in which I could in fact read the text and comprehend, but was not able to really "master" the concept of writing a Biology report, according to my TA. I guess I feel that scientific writing is quite different from other areas of study, but that does not mean that one cannot learn, if they are given an opportunity. So, yes, my opinion of writing in different areas has changed due to my finding of other science courses and better TAs that get what it might be that others might not at the beginning. It is true when Hass describes the learning process of a research paper never really is mastered or gets old, because the reality is that each time we start a research paper, we are starting over! One way is not always the best way or nor is it the most effective for the project. Thus, the learning process always intrigues me, just wish I had more time to appreciate it!

Documentation is another issue! I know I've been doing some from of MLA documentation since like the 5th grade and now learning APA is really something else! Just the change in style really is different in the way that everything is set up. I've never really liked to read instruction manuals, so reading the APA style guide is obviously lots of fun for me! I do have to say that the text on documenting styles is helpful to have at reach to help explain to students during sessions.

Why do feminist make better tutors? While I don't agree one way or another on this topic, I will say that the proposing of the topic of adding gender to the mix creates research dynamics that propose new areas of thought. I also personally think that by reading into the article's meaning that it can be understood that it is more focused on Women's Studies and Gender Studies areas of study that might produce more writing intensive assignments that might help the consultant work on a variation of topics as a tutor. I think it is interesting to note the areas of study from which a tutor receives the bulk of their info, because their knowledge as we in class have discussed before can come as a benefit to the student during a consultation.

As far as the Style Guide goes, yeah, I'm a nerd, but I do enjoy reading it, because it brings back what I learned awhile ago about sentence structure and how to make words and language flow, which sometime we forget or omit based on time constraints or lack of direction in our own writing. The Style Guide is helpful for me in terms of having an easy-to-read reference to compare my writing style to and from which to gain more ideas!