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Hee hee

I totally just did a consultation with my brother. He wasn't aware, but I was definitely consulting. I started out by saying "Come in, sit down," and he was like "Maaan, don't try that consulting crap on ME." After that I was more subtle about the process, but I was using all my skills. I asked him his assignment, and he told me, and then we looked over what he was having trouble with. It was kind of funny because since he is my brother, I didn't feel the need to be so formal or professional with him, nor did I feel like I had to tiptoe around his feelings. Poor guy. But anyway, I think he went away having been helped a little bit, which is very satisfying for me. Plus, since he's not too far away, I told him to come back after he's revised if he needs to. Awwww YEAH.



Heh. I'm flipping back and forth between the Yankee game and Napoleon Dynamite. "Bowhunting skills...computer hacking skills...consulting skills..."

Ha! Don't have siblings, but whenever I tell my friends that I'm a writing consultant, they always jokingly? reply, "write my paper for me!"


You are a kinder soul than I; there's a decent chance I would have sabotaged one of my brothers' papers.

"Oh, no. I think you should really expand this part here where you advocate the disposal of nuclear waste in kiddie pools. That will totally win you huge points with your reader."

Ha, I did the same thing last night with my boyfriend's ChemE lab report, but it didn't work AT ALL. He was pacing back and forth, completely blocked, and I was getting just as frustrated with him! I think I was practicing offensive/abusive tutoring - but at least we got some stuff on the paper...

Like Keely, I've definitely had disasterous "consults" with former boyfriends in college and grad school, but I must have turned a corner, since, like you, Meher, I recently had some great consults with my brother when he was working on his med school applications. The funny part was that he was surprised how helpful it was and afterwards told me, "You're really good at this." Geez, I hope so, since this is what I do for living!

This kinda touches on an interesting thought: has anyone had friends come into the center to meet with you? I had one of my roommates make an appointment a little while back. It ended up being surprisingly un-weird, which was a pleasant surprise. She was definitely in the brainstorming stage of things, which I think made it easier to just kick back and talk instead of having to really get our hands dirty in a text.

I don't know how it would be different if a friend came in with a later draft, especially if their expectations were out of whack re: how the center works.

someone from my high school once made an appointment with me, told me about it, no-showed, and then apologized on my facebook wall. i only cried for about 3 hours.

i think i have an unspoken "no friends" policy (except for my roommate--she's basically family). i just imagine it'd be hard working with someone i know so well..but now i don't remember why i decided that in the first place.

Wow, that's really cool that your brother came in! I would totally do the same thing if my brother were at the U.

To answer one of comments above, I have had friends come into the center. Most of them just come in and either don't know I work here or the forget. When they get here, they're like, "hey, what are you doing here?!" I just worked wtih a friend that I met freshman year and we both will graduate this year, wow life is full of full-cicle events.

Also, I have also made friends with some of regulars, which is great!