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Random Rules: Cee-Fore-Dub Style

Based on a conversation with Grant and Wendy the other day: the idea is simple. You hit the "Shuffle" button on your iTunes (or equivalent jukebox program) and list the first ten songs that pop up. Then, you briefly explain/defend/disavow each one. It's a format done to great effect over at The AV Club; take a gander there if you want to get a feel for the format.

And, no cheating! Don't hand-pick the ten coolest songs you can think of (even though I know we're all too honest for that). If it isn't embarrassing, then it isn't Random Rules. Mine after the jump. . .

1. "Cut It Ya Match It," Dispatch
One of my old roommates was obsessed with Dispatch; I'll admit that I don't know them all that well or have much of a feel for them. It never really grabbed me. It seems like pretty standard folky-rock stuff, but then again I'm sure lots of people would call some of my favorite bands "standard" and "uninteresting." Glass houses, I suppose.

2. "Slow Blues," The Jimi Hendrix Experience
...what is there to say? It's HENDRIX, man. "Castles Made of Sand" has always been my favorite track, but you can't really go wrong.

3. "Unguided," The New Pornographers
I'm very much a late arrival to the TNP scene; that's kinda par for the course for me. I tend to be, at the minimum, a year behind on my cool hipster bands. I do think that Challengers is fantastic, though.

4. "Tommy Gun," The Clash
The Clash are awesome. Period.

5. "If I Had," Eminem.
I think Eminem sucks. Naturally, I thought The Slim Shady LP was awesome in seventh grade.

6. "Do Fries Go With That Shake," George Clinton
That's more like it. This is from the mid-80s solo period, I think. I am forever a disciple of the P-Funk. . .

7. "Hey Baby/In From the Storm," The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The danger of random, I guess. Hendrix is still awesome.

8. "Duppy Conqueror," Bob Marley & The Wailers
Who doesn't love Bob Marley?

9. "Diggin' Your Scene," Smash Mouth
Astro Lounge was the first album I ever purchased. That should probably embarrass me. Oh well.

10. "Lurgee," Radiohead
Off of Pablo Honey, an album I like (but not nearly as much as, say The Bends or especially OK Computer). New album on Wednesday; who's excited?


All right, Sharkdogg, let's do this up. ...

1] The Dig: "Pulling Out The Stops"

A little local mod revival stuff from the mid-1980s. Susstones put these guys out.

2]Robert Johnson: "When You Got A Good Friend"

We all know that Mr. Johnson sold his soul to the Devil to learn how to play the guitar. The original Rock n Roller.

3]The Adicts: "Viva La Revolution"

1980s punk rock from these silly Brit punkers. This is from a comp called "Punk and Disorderly 3: The Final Solution."

4]The Circles: "Circles"

Some more mod revival stuff. These guys are straight out of London town. Wearing their Who badges proudly and riding around on old Vespas and Lambrettas, the Circles were one of the best of the mod revival bands.

5]Thug Murder: "I Fought The Law"

An all-girl Japanese punk rock band. They didn't speak a lick of English. This is a cover of the Clash's version, NOT the Bobby Fuller Four version. Silly business.

6] The Replacements: "Careless"

Bob Stinson is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Period.

7] Bleeding Hickeys: "Chinese Dragon"

Okay, this was a local band who were around from like 2002-2004 and I'm ever so pissed I didn't get to see them more. They were so much fun! Kind of like if Ronnie Spector fronted the Stooges, and the Stooges were on speed. Less heavy and more reverb-y.

8]The Replacements: "Shiftless When Idle"

"I ain't got no idols, and O ain't got no taste/I'm shiftless when I'm idle, and I got time to waste." My anthem as a teenager.

9]Supergrass: ""Sun Hits The Sky"

These guys were like Oasis, but not as cute. And, whereas Oasis copied the Beatles, Supergrass copied the Who. Much more rugged and less poppy.

10]SNFU: "Don't Have The Cow"

Positive hardcore from Vancouver, CA! This is a song about how cows have mad cow disease and are going crazy and killing everyone! Yeah!

We were all about the "what" not the "why" back in 2004, but the iPod game got out of hand in that fall's Writing Consultancy class. You can get See especially Dan, who was mano a mano with Stephanie: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/obst0008/dansws/

My turn!

1) "Mad World (cover)" - Michael Andrews.
I could NOT listen to this song for the life of me after seeing Donnie Darko. It's SO fucking eerie! Now that I'm older and wiser, however, it's a song that I quite enjoy when I'm in a morose mood.

2)"Lesson 28: Una Noche Con Los Amigos" - Berlitz Publishing, Learn Spanish in 30 Days.
Wow. I uploaded a tutorial onto my ipod at the beginning of this summer because I'd learned Spanish in high school, but at the restaurant I started working at this summer, everyone except for managers/servers were from Ecuador. So I did a quick study session in the first week of working there so I could talk to them. Yay!

3)"#1" - The Animal Collective.
Saw them in concert a month ago. Amaaaazing show. Weird as all hell. Stage props? Skeletons in prom dresses. 'Nuff said.

4)"Debaser" - Pixies.
Mmmm...Black Francis...

5)"Young Pilgrims" - The Shins.
I'm getting a pretty good shuffle here--this is rare! Usually my ipod has nooo idea what I want to listen to.

6)"2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)" - Radiohead.
This is getting creepy. My ipod is never this good at shuffling. Thom Yorke, Yummmmm.

7)"Sitting in my Car" - Slick Rick.
His raps are old and cheesy, but his voice is sooo charming!

8)"Desperado" - The Eagles.
Ok, ok, here's a miss. Not that I don't love The Eagles, but this is one of the few songs I HATE! Especially the version that I have, because it starts out with people applauding. Or is that the version that everyone has? What a dumb song.

9)"Thunder & Lightening" - The Unicorns.
Big fan of The Unicorns. Anyone heard the Islands yet???

10)"Get Ignit" - Westside Connection.
Nothing like good ol' gangsta rap to get you fired up for some hardcore consultations!

I win! (?)

Mmmmm, 2+2=5. An excellent choice.

I'm going to be spending the majority of my evening mashing the "Send/Receive" button on my email, waiting for my In Rainbows email to show up. How many time zones behind Great Britain are we?

Also, re: $G$, there can never be too many songs about Mad Cow.

Kirsten: I think, to follow that act, I'm going to just post a "random" 8000-track list.

That metal playlist from the blog Kirsten provided a link for was funny. Has anyone ever heard the band Three Inches of Blood? They take all of the greatest aspects of Iron Maiden and Metallica and every other metal band out there and amsh it together; the result is the greatest exercise in overkill and cheesiness and grand I have ever heard.

[Not sure what "grand guignol" means? Look it up!]

Disclaimer: I am not the audiophile that some of you are. This might get embarrassing...

1) Shepherd Moons, Enya
Not gonna lie, I love Enya. It's what I listen to when I can't sleep.

2) Ordinary Life, Kristen Barry
This is off of the Cruel Intentions soundtrack. One of the best cd purchases of my life. No kidding.

3) And I Love Her, The Beatles
No justification necessary.

4) Winter, Sister Hazel
Hmmm... my cool factor is faltering a bit. Truth be told, this is from the Ten Things I Hate About You soundtrack. It's dec, though.

5) Those to Come, The Shins
And I'm back on top! Who doesn't love the Shins?

6) Something in the Way She Moves, The Beatles
Possibly the best song of all time. It makes me cry.

7) Big Pimpin', Jay-Z
There's really no defense here.

8) Tremendous Brunettes, Mike Doughty
Not really sure why I haven't gotten rid of most of his stuff. I'm not a big fan. Busting Up a Starbucks is good stuff, though.

9) The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel
I happen to be a big fan of Paul and Art. When I was at the humane society recently, there was a pair of kittens named Simon and Garfunkel. I love pet names.

10) Amazing, Josh Kelley
This song reminds me of being sixteen and riding in the car with my foot hanging out the window and having my eyebrow pierced... maybe I should get rid of it.

After confessing my fears to Sharkey the other day, I finally decided to be brave, shuffle just once and let it be. Here is what I have:

1. Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard -- Simon and Garfunkel
LOVE S&G. They make me think "Graduate" which makes me think Dustin Hoffman and that chick riding away on that bus at the end, silent and nervously content. It's such a long shot and I love it.

2. The First Song -- Band of Horses
I'm not a huge fan but I listened to these guys a bit this summer. A better one by them is "Weed Party."

3. "Track 01" -- Lemon Jelly
Ok, I don't know if this is really called "Track 01," but it is marvelous music to study to. The guy's voice makes me shiver.

4. Here Comes the Sun -- The Beatles
Like Emily said, no need to speak here.

5. Leisure Suite -- Feist
Her voice is so round and throaty, I could just lay on the floor all night listening to this in my ear.

6. I'd Rather Dance With You -- Kings of Convenience
"The music's too loud and the noise from the crowd/
Increases the chance of misinterpretation/
So let your hips do the talking." Yes.

7. Viens Avec Moi -- DeVotchka
Also great studying music and very gypsy-like...mmm.

8. Punchlines -- Mates of State
This song has a really great buildup towards the end that I like to scream when I'm in the car.

9. Ada -- The National
Here is another voice that makes me swoon.

10. You Were Always on My Mind -- Michael Bublé
I'll admit, I enjoy listening to fake-crooners.

sorry I obviously haven't read the blog for a few days, we talked about this and then I didn't participate ...
Anyway here goes:
1. Honey Don't, the Beatles, from the Beatles for sale album
- honestly I like the later stuff, but I have many of their albums.
2. Hound Dog by Elvis, from a gold #1 hits comp- gotta have some king...
3. Backstreets from Springsteen's born to run album - big fan of the Boss.
4. Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. Something modern finally - not one I would necessarily pick, but its good for variety
6. Ziggy Stardust from Bowie
honestly Mr. Grape it came up ramdomly!
7.Clocks from Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head album. Iva always liked them
8.Because I do from X's Under the Big Black Sun album, I was a huge fan of theirs back in the day a great LA punk band if you like that sort of thing
9. El Testament d'Amelia John Williams
This is a taste of the classical music genre I do enjoy classical at times, not usually great on shuffle
10. Alice's Restaurant, Arlo Guthrie, this is a great story and well told if you have a spare 20 minutes.

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