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Syllabus Changes: Take Note, Bloggers!

We'll talk about this in class today, but I'm putting it here too... for added clarity. Stepping back and looking at our inquiry paper process, I think we need another day of in-class consultations to help you all prepare for the conference presentations, so I'm adjusting our plans for Tue 30 Oct and Thur 1 Nov. Here's the new plan:

Tue 30 Oct, read Neff and Weaver in the St. Martin's (cut Haynes-Burton) and read Villanueva (handout today), shifting our topic to "Diversity issues among WC clients and within WC consultations"
[So, bloggers, take note that you'll be writing about these 3 pieces for Mon 29 Oct.]

Thur 1 Nov, read Style lessons 8 -10 (as agreed upon last class) and bring your presentation materials (handouts, speaking notes, powerpoints, etc.) for in-class consults

And, from now until the conference (Tue 6, Thur 8, and Tue 13 Nov), it would be a great time for 1:1 conferences with me or SWS f2f or online consults with your colleagues. I can't require you visit, but it will count in the process part of your evaluation of the inquiry paper (hint, hint).