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Thinking about Drafting

So, I was just thinking about drafting, yeah, I know, kinda weird, no? I was thinking about how drafting used to be a normal part of my life when things were slower and assignments were always piling up. Anyway, I thought about how I always write multiple drafts of Spanish essays due to the fact that something always happens such as that the computer I use doesn't support accent marks or that is is so easy to repeat the same word. I always go back through my work and find something wrong with it and have to tweak and tweak until I can't find anything else wrong. Wonder why I don't do this for my English papers? Yes, I do go back and proof read, but it seems that it takes so much to have to go back and try to find everything that in your thinking sounds right due to habit, but simply maybe it's the usage of another language that pushes one forward to really be accountable and have to fix all the small things just to prove that they know the language. Maybe this is how non-English speakers feel when they bring work into the center and their first few comments are apologies for not making this the "best" draft or that there are "warning, many mistakes." I don't know just a thought? *_*


I think one of the things I noticed in my little bit of writing Spanish papers was that while I spent a lot of time looking up spellings, conjugations, etc., once I figured out how to say something I pretty much left it at that. When I'm working in English, I'm so much more aware of all the different ways to word ideas, so I play around with "style" stuff a bit more. That usually doesn't come in a "revision" phase, though; I'll tinker with a sentence as I'm writing it, not after the fact. I absolutely did more proofreading in Spanish.