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c4w? or motel 6?

I'm sure many of you will recall the discussion about the use of space in Nicholson, influenced by Keely's wonderful discussion of the aesthetics of the writing center. One of the points mentioned was about how the crew of first- or second-year students often come in hand hang out in the waiting area. Well, today, one of them decided to recline on the oversized ottoman-thing that's located right under the window. Now, I felt that was taking things a bit too far. After getting second opinions from fellow consultants, we decided it was appropriate to put the kaibosh on that little catnap. I stroll over and say, "Excuse me, but I must ask you to not nap on our furniture. This is the waiting area for our clients." Has anyone else had to lay down the law for persons who made themselves too comfortable?


Meher and I decided that we need to invest in some C4W Nerf guns. Then we can blast the snoozers without having to leave the comfy confines of the desk. Of course, we would have to practice our aim so that we don't assault unsuspecting lab users. . .

Interesting question. I was actually thinking about Keely's presentation tody and my comment about the invisible wall. I really do have a feeling of ownership when it comes to the consulting part of the center. One day, a girl walked back and used the water cooler. I just stared at her... can she do that? I guess I have a hard time being confrontational with strangers (not true of aquaintances, so watch out), and I think some of my fellow consultants may be similarly phobic. Three cell phones rang in the lab today while I was eating my lunch and non of the four people at the desk said anything about it. I'm so not an enforcer...

I've had to tell someone to not use their cell phones in the lab before, and although I was scared to do it (the guy was already angry--he was late for his appointment and had lost it to a walk-in, so he had to become a walk-in himself), it gave me a weird and scary rush of adrenaline. It was a sign, I think, that I enjoy power. Maybe I'll overthrow C4W.

Also, a random kid was sitting at the TAC table the other morning when Meher and I were working there. I impolitely kept staring at the poor guy, and mouthing "who IS this kid??" to Meher, but he stayed until his reading was done, even though Meher and I were explicitly talking about C4W stuff and not keeping our voices down. Poor guy.

hee hee, as the common denominator of two of these comments, it is apparent that i'm a hardass.

don't mess with me in MAH house. just kidding, i actually wouldn't want to be the one "putting the kibosh." one day a lady had her phone on speaker phone and i was trying to figure out exactly where it was coming from, because i felt like i would definitely have to tell her to knock it off. but by the time i spotted her she hung up, so no worries there.

I heard on the news that there is this device that you can put in your pocket and when you push the button, it drops all cell phone signals nearby. This guy who commutes on a train uses it all the time so he doesnt have to listen to some idiot yapping on and on while he is trapped on the train with them, It sounds like this may be a useful device for the front desk.

Meher and I were talking about that device! I read that article in Star Tribune, and I think I was telling her about it. I already put an order in for two for the front desk (one for the attendant, and one for the inevitable sidekick-consultant keeping them company).