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hey...we want to cook for you

Dearest classmates (and other undergrads too),

Maggie and I would like to remind you to let us know if you'll be coming over on November 9th. We want to make sure we plan for the right amount of people, and we'd really rather not drown ourselves in vats of soup when none of you show up...[sigh].

Just know that this is what you'll be missing...

Thanks! Hopefully we see you then!


i'll be there!

I do love soup; I refuse to eat anything in which I cannot also swim.

so what's your opinion of jello, then?

or sprite? i've always wondered what it would be like to swim in sprite...tingly?

Hmmmm. Jello is tough; I would be worried in my ability to reach the surface again once I went under. I may have to eat my way back out.

Which, on second thought, sounds like a fantastic circumstance. I will arrange such a pool for our next extravaganza.

i'll play lifeguard for that party...i don't eat jello (gelatin), plus i think it's one of the creepiest foods imaginable.

I was thinking of hiring Cosby as lifeguard, but I suppose I can let that slide.

dudes: i will be there as well. mmmm soup.