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iPod list, part two

title of the blog posting explains everything. y'all best play along, else it's on like donkey kong.

7 Seconds: "Aim To Please"
Positive hardcore from Reno, NV. One of the best hardcore albums of all times.

Discharge: "Massacre of Innocents [Air Attack]"
There are about a billion punk rock bands influenced by these guys. And their names start with the prefix "Dis-" as well. Loud, angry, raw, somewhat dumb - not stupid, but dumb - hardcore punk.

Derrick Morgan: "Hold Your Jack"
Ahh, here we go. Something more chill. Good first-wave ska, straight from Kingston. Not hippie bob marley stuff, but good, dancable, party music ska.

Live Skull: "5-D"
An unfortunately unsung contemporary of Sonic Youth, from their 1980s Lower East Side art-rock days. Less dependent on feedback and dissonance, Live Skull was much more accessible than the Youth. And much less pretentious.

Wipers: "When It's Over"
I love the Wipers. This track isn't from their best album but I still love them. Proto-punk from Seattle, early 1980s. Kinda aggro-surf, kinda poppy, lots of emphasis on harmony. Imagine if the Kinks were grunge.

Small Faces: "Green Circles"
One of the great mod bands from the 1960s. Musically inferior to the Who and the Kinks and the Yardbirds. ... better than most of the Merseybeat groups [see next group]. ... the Small Faces were, however, quite possibly the best-dressed mod group. So that makes them all right.

The Hollies: "Stay"
Great harmonies, tight songwriting, sometimes schmaltzy, but otherwise fab.

The Regulations: "We Always Know What To Do"
So much punk rock today! What the hell! Excellent hardcore from Umea, Sweden. Total early-80s SoCal sound. Kind like the Avengers and Black Flag and The Crowd, but faster.

The Wailers: "How Many Times"
More 1960s ska. Actually, Bob Marley's group, before they turned all rasta. Damn rasta, making music all bad n stuff.

The Mooney Suzuki: "Electric Sweat"
Okay, so these guys were a kick-ass, old-school, fun-times rock-n-roll combo out of Brooklyn. Super garagey with mod undertones; they most definitely prayed at the altar of the Who. The eponymous album from which this track is taken was super good; makes you roll up your sleeves, jump on the dance floor and shake what yer mama gave ya til the sun comes up. But then, on the album following, instead of writing their own songs, they hired Britney Spears' songwriter - no, I;m not joking - and really sucked it up. They sold more albums on indie labels than they did after making this poor career move. They recently released another album, but they moved from their high-energy sound to a more glossy, 1970s cock-rock sound. Yet another poor choice.


whoah, discharge...

i played drums in a "d-beat" band, way back in the early aughts.
"dumb - not stupid" was exactly right, in that case.

(click the link at the bottom of this page for some craptastic homocore action circa 2002!: http://losifer.net/ass/HTML/MP3.html)

wait a second, Gabe, you didn't play in Ass, did you? I saw Ass back in 2002, I think it was. maybe 2001. Or 2003; all those shows blend together.

Ok, here we go...

"Garden," Pearl Jam.
I do like Pearl Jam, but this track doesn't really do it for me at all.

"The Ballad of Ira Hayes," Johnny Cash.
Yeah, Cash is pretty awesome.

"Paper'd Up," Snoop Dogg.
Keepin' it gangsta.

MF Doom + Danger Mouse = me happy.

"Bonzo's Montreux," Led Zeppelin.
I don't know this song at all, I'll admit it.

"Put it in the Air," Talib Kweli.
Hell yes. This is off of Quality, an excellent album.

"Deadbeat Holiday," Green Day.
Another song I don't recognize.

"One in a Million," Guns 'N' Roses.
Ummm.... NEXT!

"Mothership Connection (Star Child)," Parliament.
Ah, much better. Make mine the P...

"Planet Telex," Radiohead.
At least we closed strong. I love The Bends so much...

That was a pretty poor list. Oh well...