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well, this is on the other blog too, but i'm JUST THAT MAD!

i also changed my emoticon to a more angry and outraged one, because the other blog was reading it as html and screwing up my post!

this evening, someone i know who is aware that i work in the writing center called me. she had to get my number from someone else, which shows how well we know each other...anyway, she told me that she was supposed to write an essay, due tomorrow morning at 8am, and just realized that at the bottom of the assignment they were asked to visit the writing center. so her request was that she e-mail me her paper and i look over it and let her know how it was. the first thing i thought was, "...there's so many things wrong with that." and just because i can, i'm going to list them for you, although i'm sure you already picked them out.

1.) why should i do work when i'm not actually working?
2.) you can't just E-MAIL me stuff, that's not even collaborative!
3.) WHO is your professor!!

i asked who her professor was, but apparently she likes them. she wouldn't tell me their name. i basically told her that if she wanted to she could come by tomorrow, or perhaps ask her prof for an extension so she could get in an appointment (although i don't know what kind of luck she'll have, i haven't checked the schedule). and i guess that's what she will do.

but SRSLY, the nerve!!


i mean, can we even do that??? i think the answer would be a resounding NO. i just don't think it's right to ask someone to consult on their personal time, even though i wouldn't call that "consulting," i would call it, "cheap cop-out on doing real work by getting your friend-no, ACQUAINTANCE-who happens to work in the writing center to do it for you".



You could have accepted the invite and given her some seriously bad advice, or just never gotten back to her and left her hanging until it was too late to do the paper. That would have been funny and you could have gotten your happy emoticons back out.

Hehe. I did that to a buddy of mine in high school. He wanted me to "write his paper." So, I wrote a paper extolling the virtues of animal cruelty while hunting. He failed the assignment.

Anywho, that's pretty shady on the part of your "friend," Meher. I would say you made the right move.

i concur with the sharkdogg.

I'll share a happy story, just to lighten the mood. A friend asked me yesterday for some advice on a paper because "you're good at writing, right?" When I told her that I worked here, she was thrilled and said she would come see me at work. She called this morning while I was attending and is coming in next week. I love rule-followers.

On a side-note: John, your post reminded me that a few weeks ago I had a consultee who told me that she couldn't write her paper because in high school, she used to make nerds write her papers for her. Some people's kids...