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Thoughts on the readings, what an original title…


My thoughts on the readings... I was at first shocked by the fact that the Russell article was comparing prostitution with writing consultancy? Wow, that’s pretty bold, but what did it do? It got my attention! So, as I’m reading, I begin to think that I agree with much of what Russell states, such as the fact that one gets into the “life of a consultant? that all these parallels can be made between this career and other instances in life. I have felt those times when I’ve been slightly taken advantage of because I want to give so much to help someone that they end up taking it to the extreme. Russell explains his theory, but I kind of feel that the issue he brings up is serious, but my way of looking at it see it from the opposite view. I’d say that I feel that I know how to control these situations and I never let appointments get too demanding or outright controlling.

I believe in respect as if it were diving down a two-lane road: Treat me right so I can pass on and I’ll treat you the same. We both pass by and the world is a little better knowing that we didn’t try to ram each other our path only to make it down the road and have bad karma work against us!
I’ve had the center “groupies? and the “habitual? client, so I appreciate Russell’s attempt to define these stereotypes. I didn’t really think of much when reading this, because I felt like he has defined these roles and their actions, which actually encouraged my mind to put names and faces together of my clients that fit under these descriptions. I’m always angered by the “one-timer, hurry it up just do it? kind of person. If could be a guest author in Russell’s essay, I’d expand more on the thought of what it is like to have that one-time abuser that seems to happen over and over again at the worst moments. I guess it just makes us stronger.

OMG!! I hate that phrase: “keep your eyes on your own paper!? I can just remember in grade school a really old and mean teacher shouting this phrase! Funny how no one was ever trying to look at someone’s paper. Was she paranoid or what? Of course, we all spread out all over the classroom and put our hand on top of our heads with our sleeves rolled up like were on an elementary-version of COPS. So, I know that’s not what this article talks about, but the title brought by up horrible memories. So, the article really talks about the trajectory of a person learning to read and kind of get through things with the presence of someone always watching over their shoulder, which is frustrating when trying to learn anything.

I’m captivated by the stories ability to take the reader through a serious of no more than a week or maybe two in attempts to tell a story about a person’s rise to the top of their game. I think that keeping your eyes on your own paper for me translates into “keeping your eyes on your own prize.? Two different approaches, but nonetheless the message is still implied. I really felt that it was heartfelt and shows that sometimes people are not aware of what everyone always goes through. In relation to consulting, I keep this thought as I work and greet others. Perhaps they just need your to look over their shoulder for a minute until they like the Ogden’s character, Tom, can step his way proudly up to the bus stairs and ride on to a new future… yeah, or maybe just breathe easier knowing one assignment is down, 851 to go? Quien sabe, no? (Who knows right?)