December 8, 2007

i <3 grammar

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December 1, 2007

SEE FOR DOUBLE YOU!!! (yaaaay!)

We have a band. Did you guys know that there's a band? Or, more importantly, did you guys know you're IN the band? This was decided on a fateful Friday afternoon (today), at Espresso 22, during an official meeting of the Let's Go to Espresso 22 After Work and Talk for Awhile and then Laugh Incessantly about a Crazy Fantastic Hypothetical Situation in which We Put Our Co-Workers into a BAND club (aka Meher, Emily S., and me).

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November 17, 2007

saturday nights filled with inquiry require some levity.

dearest fellow consultants,

i figured you could use this when you decide to rest your cramping hand/wrists.


November 12, 2007

iPod list, part two

title of the blog posting explains everything. y'all best play along, else it's on like donkey kong.

7 Seconds: "Aim To Please"
Positive hardcore from Reno, NV. One of the best hardcore albums of all times.

Discharge: "Massacre of Innocents [Air Attack]"
There are about a billion punk rock bands influenced by these guys. And their names start with the prefix "Dis-" as well. Loud, angry, raw, somewhat dumb - not stupid, but dumb - hardcore punk.

Derrick Morgan: "Hold Your Jack"
Ahh, here we go. Something more chill. Good first-wave ska, straight from Kingston. Not hippie bob marley stuff, but good, dancable, party music ska.

Live Skull: "5-D"
An unfortunately unsung contemporary of Sonic Youth, from their 1980s Lower East Side art-rock days. Less dependent on feedback and dissonance, Live Skull was much more accessible than the Youth. And much less pretentious.

Wipers: "When It's Over"
I love the Wipers. This track isn't from their best album but I still love them. Proto-punk from Seattle, early 1980s. Kinda aggro-surf, kinda poppy, lots of emphasis on harmony. Imagine if the Kinks were grunge.

Small Faces: "Green Circles"
One of the great mod bands from the 1960s. Musically inferior to the Who and the Kinks and the Yardbirds. ... better than most of the Merseybeat groups [see next group]. ... the Small Faces were, however, quite possibly the best-dressed mod group. So that makes them all right.

The Hollies: "Stay"
Great harmonies, tight songwriting, sometimes schmaltzy, but otherwise fab.

The Regulations: "We Always Know What To Do"
So much punk rock today! What the hell! Excellent hardcore from Umea, Sweden. Total early-80s SoCal sound. Kind like the Avengers and Black Flag and The Crowd, but faster.

The Wailers: "How Many Times"
More 1960s ska. Actually, Bob Marley's group, before they turned all rasta. Damn rasta, making music all bad n stuff.

The Mooney Suzuki: "Electric Sweat"
Okay, so these guys were a kick-ass, old-school, fun-times rock-n-roll combo out of Brooklyn. Super garagey with mod undertones; they most definitely prayed at the altar of the Who. The eponymous album from which this track is taken was super good; makes you roll up your sleeves, jump on the dance floor and shake what yer mama gave ya til the sun comes up. But then, on the album following, instead of writing their own songs, they hired Britney Spears' songwriter - no, I;m not joking - and really sucked it up. They sold more albums on indie labels than they did after making this poor career move. They recently released another album, but they moved from their high-energy sound to a more glossy, 1970s cock-rock sound. Yet another poor choice.

November 7, 2007

For the tea drinkers. . .

Fancy Man Enjoys tea.

Also: this is the 100th post on this blog. I propose a feast. I will bring the roasted boar.

October 31, 2007

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

For the longest (read: 6 weeks) time, I never had anyone bring up my major. No consultees were doing the "oh, so you're an English major" thing.

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October 27, 2007

Another site for the nerds xD

We gain knowledge, others gain food!

Rice Math!

October 24, 2007

And now, time for something completely different!

Monkey attack!

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October 18, 2007

C4W Pet Peeves

A couple of things that are bugging me:
1. People are forgetting to log out of their email, facebook, blogs, etc when they leave a computer. I'm going to start changing your settings. If your facebook status says "is... a buttface," you'll know you forgot to log out.

2. Remember that your comments after a visit are public-- the student could request to see these. I've read a few comments that I would be embarrassed to have the student read. If you get frustrated with a student during a session (I know I do!), it might be helpful to wait until you have some emotional distance from the session before writing your comments.

3. Our blog is sadly neglected. What am I supposed to do while I sit all alone in Appleby on a rainy day?

October 10, 2007

Aren't textbooks supposed to be edited?!

I am posting twice in a row. ...Oh well.

I just finished reading a *required* chapter in the textbook for my drawing class (yes, we have a textbook). If it isn't silly enough that we have to try and apply a text to a subject like drawing, this is one of the worst textbooks I've ever encountered. It was actually kind of fun to read the chapter, not for the content, but for all the mistakes and horrible writing I found in it. I found myself wishing that the writer had come in for a consultation with me, or anybody really. Of course I would hope it was with me, I wouldn't want to miss out on that fun opportunity.

Aren't textbooks edited? And don't editors charge a decent amount to do their work?! I just can't understand how it was so horrible! I came across fun little tidbits like, "Twombly's drawing is a contemporary the Van Gogin use of invented and actual textures," and "The sixty engravings of butterflies, banana plants, and pea pods were so correctly rendered that they were often referenced by botanists in her day. ...The precise accuracy of these drawings is so fine that botanists reproduce and reference her work today," (with only two sentences between the last two). Besides these examples, the writer's verb tense jumps around from past to present to future to who knows what else. It's so bad that I couldn't understand parts because the writing was too unclear. The author (who shall remain nameless) also made many assumptions in their writing that made me ell oh ell when reading them. One of my favorites was within a biography section on Vincent Van Goh. The very last sentence of the sections reads, "In this last year of his life, the ideas of each painting came vividly to his mind." Of course this could be true, but how would the author know?! Did they interview Van Goh, or reference an interview with him? Because if they did, I don't see a citation...tsk tsk. I also found that sentence a hilarious way to end a biography. I'm left without a feeling of closure, dear author...please let me bring this biography to a mental close.

You'll have to excuse my rant on this textbook. Hopefully some of you, as fellow lovers of writing, can understand my frustration (and amusement) that this reading is required. At least I can't get too bored reading it...or can I ?!


October 7, 2007

Hee hee

I totally just did a consultation with my brother. He wasn't aware, but I was definitely consulting. I started out by saying "Come in, sit down," and he was like "Maaan, don't try that consulting crap on ME." After that I was more subtle about the process, but I was using all my skills. I asked him his assignment, and he told me, and then we looked over what he was having trouble with. It was kind of funny because since he is my brother, I didn't feel the need to be so formal or professional with him, nor did I feel like I had to tiptoe around his feelings. Poor guy. But anyway, I think he went away having been helped a little bit, which is very satisfying for me. Plus, since he's not too far away, I told him to come back after he's revised if he needs to. Awwww YEAH.


Random Rules: Cee-Fore-Dub Style

Based on a conversation with Grant and Wendy the other day: the idea is simple. You hit the "Shuffle" button on your iTunes (or equivalent jukebox program) and list the first ten songs that pop up. Then, you briefly explain/defend/disavow each one. It's a format done to great effect over at The AV Club; take a gander there if you want to get a feel for the format.

And, no cheating! Don't hand-pick the ten coolest songs you can think of (even though I know we're all too honest for that). If it isn't embarrassing, then it isn't Random Rules. Mine after the jump. . .

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October 3, 2007

An Ode to the Deskies

I thought this was fitting; courtesy of the always-essential XKCD.

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September 28, 2007

what do you get when you cross my inability to focus and a computer?

A blog!

Hai guys,

So I tried posting this blog the other day while attending, but for some reason beyond my comprehension, it never showed up. Basically, I was wondering what everyone is going to be for Halloween. (Of course you'll all be dressing up...right?!) I myself plan on being David Bowie. I've narrowed it down to Ziggy Stardust, or Jareth from The Labyrinth.

Tom's presentation today was interesting, and it got me thinking about topics for my research paper. I still have no idea what I want to focus on. Tom's topic seemed so appropriate; it wasn't too broad, but was broad enough to fill up a 10-12 page requirement. I'm excited to research into something that interests me, but I'm also scared that my topic won't fit in with the assignment. I have to do a lot of thinking before deciding. (I'm quite indecisive, especially when it comes to important things like research paper topics, or what color jacket to buy.) I also found his techniques for gathering information really interesting. I'm assuming that everyone will have their own ways of gathering information, just like we all have a certain style of consulting. (HA HA.) Perhaps that will be part of the fun, finding novel ways of obtaining data. Exciting!

You know what's annoying? (I apologize...unlike Kirsten, I don't have the gift of transitions.)People that talk on their cellphone incessantly, simply because they are on the bus. Come now, there's no need for that. At least not at the volume that I heard. Plus, I don't care to hear that that one girl you knew because she lived on the floor above you last semester got pregnant and her baby is going to be messed up because she does too much crack. I have enough things to think about, I certainly don't need to worry about the next generation through the ramblings of a fourth party. P.S.--you're too loud. Consideration: a little goes a long way.

In other news, I'm covered in charcoal. By this time, it's worked it's way into my heart, soul, lungs, and veins. I AM charcoal now. These, my friends, are the joys of being an art student.

Peace out,

September 14, 2007

The Haunted Karma Fortune Cookie


Day 0

After drinking the last gulp of her favorite spicy noodle soup at Bona, Yi carefully picks out one of the six fortune cookies in front of her. Yi does not particularly like fortune cookies. Instead of getting "You will be successful in your career and retire early to live on a beach" or "A pleasant surprise is coming your way," she always gets those slips that either give some incomprehensible proverb or instruct her to do something to improve herself. Yeah, who needs those. So, with no expectations in mind, she munched through the first half of the fortune cookie before opening the "fortune" slip.

"Enhance your karma, be nice to people."

Yi bursts out laughing. Even though she realized the fortune cookie must've been addressing her frequent joking nature, she has always joked around with friends. She has always, in one way or another, been mischievous. So, of course, Yi ignored the slip and moved on with her life.

Day 4

Yi arrives at a student organization free food event. Yes, she was there for the free food. She sees one of her newly-made friends 89757,* and they sit down to chat.

Yi: "So, do you like Minnesota/America?"
89757: "Yes, I like it very much."
Yi: "How do you like the food at UDS?"
89757: "It depends..."
Yi: "Hahahahaha noooo!!! UDS food sucks!"
Yi's other friend: "It's OK, we all know that UDS food is bad. You don't have to be polite."
89757 stares at Yi + friends blankly & chuckled nervously.

--------Half way through chatting & finishing up with their free foods---------

After firing 80 billion jokes at 89757 (Yi does that sometimes, especially when she's eating delicious free food), Yi starts to realize that 89757 didn't even understand a quarter of them. Yi starts to feel a bit stupid.

Day 5

Yi runs back to Nicholson after her Appleby shift, since she had forgotten that this particular Friday was the day to turn in time cards. Since Maggie was the one that took over after Yi left (at the attending desk), Yi looks at her mischievously and says, "Maggie, why didn't you remind me to sign my time card?!"

Maggie, in an unknown tone, replies, "are you threatening me?"

Meher, Grant (who were around), and Yi all started to laugh. Meher couldn't stop laughing, Yi was laughing confusingly & nervously. Grant...who knows. He laughed nonetheless.

Day 5.5
None of the other fortune cookies Yi has gotten has stuck with her for so long. However, it seems like no matter what Yi does, a voice in the back of Yi's head keeps whispering, "karma....karma.....karma...."

Sitting at her computer, Yi does not know why she had just typed a bunch of gibberish. Maybe it's her way of saying sorry. Maybe it's her way of trying to remind herself that there are indeed people in this world who are different than her and do not get her jokes. Maybe, for once, Yi should let fortune cookies haunt her.


*Codename for Yi's new friend, has no particular meaning except it's the title of a Chinese pop song.