December 17, 2007


to the guy who hung up on me today:

YOU SUCK. "we don't do proofreading or editing" means just that. and no, smart learning commons is NOT going to help you do that either. so good luck, you jerk.


November 7, 2007

c4w? or motel 6?

I'm sure many of you will recall the discussion about the use of space in Nicholson, influenced by Keely's wonderful discussion of the aesthetics of the writing center. One of the points mentioned was about how the crew of first- or second-year students often come in hand hang out in the waiting area. Well, today, one of them decided to recline on the oversized ottoman-thing that's located right under the window. Now, I felt that was taking things a bit too far. After getting second opinions from fellow consultants, we decided it was appropriate to put the kaibosh on that little catnap. I stroll over and say, "Excuse me, but I must ask you to not nap on our furniture. This is the waiting area for our clients." Has anyone else had to lay down the law for persons who made themselves too comfortable?

September 25, 2007

Who're you gonna call??!

1. Candance lent a pair of headphones to two young-lookin boys in the computer lab (their computers were being noisy).
2. Brawl ensues over said pair of headphones.
3. Maggie, attending, fears for the precious imacs surrounding the strife.
4. Candance reminds juveniles that they need to share.
5. Jayashree strolls over, asks if they are students.
6. Response: "Uh...Yeah."
7. Jayashree asks to see their IDs.
8. Younger of the two goes and fiddles with his backpack guiltily and whispers out of the corner of his mouth to the older (but still young) that they need their IDs.
9. Jayashree walks closer to the boys and again asks to see their IDs.
10. "They're...they're in my car...We're PSEO students. We're 17."
11. Younger of the two comes back with the (now broken, from the battle) headphones and asks for another pair.


P.S. Grant you should recruit Jayashree for your SWC security forces.


I am learning two important things at the desk today. 1) Life is boring when we don't blog. 2) People suck. My sunny disposition is fading fast. Even as I am about to blog about rude and annoying lab users, there is a girl on her cell phone. I stared her down and she left. Damn kids.

Anyhow, Katie suggested that I blog about the situation with printing here at the SWS lab. I would venture to guess that I am not the only attendant who finds herself plagued by lab users who print and then don't have money on their cards (or don't have their cards with them, or don't have a card, or don't have a brain...). Given the aversion to more signage expressed in this weekend's emails, I wonder what we can do to ensure that lab users are aware of our printing policies. I also want to make sure that other attendants aren't just letting these would-be free-loaders off the hook and allowing them to take their materials without paying. I don't want to get a reputation as the bad cop in town so back me up on this one people.

New villain for SWS mystery theater

So here I sat, happily attending the front desk, spreading cheer and general goodwill, when I encountered one of the most frightening perils of the Writing Center: the crabby lab user. So this kid rushes in, stalks up to the desk and says "I need to print." With my usual sunny and helpful attitude, I kindly explained to him that he would have to pay with Gopher Gold. [huge, exasperated, rude sigh] "I have a class in five minutes, can't I just pay you cash?" Again, sunnily, helpfully, kindly, with an air of understanding, I tell him no. I thought (hoped?) he was just going to leave in a huff, but instead he went to a computer and printed a paper, ostensibly due in five minutes. By the time he got back to the desk, however, another student had just sneaked in ahead of him to make an appointment. With every question I asked her, every piece of information gathered, he emits another long, painful, extremely rude sigh. Somehow I don't ever picture this guy coming back, but if he does, I think he's a viable suspect for the SWS killings.

September 17, 2007

Mr. Sandman [Reprise]

AND she's asleep again.

Katie and I are having a hearty laugh.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Okay, I'm attending, and I hear snoring. I look over and I see that somebody TOTALLY fell asleep at the computer, and she's snoring real loud.

I'm not joking.