November 13, 2007

on the topic of youtube. ...

I'm totally going to open up a dance club that looks a little something like this. ...


November 12, 2007

songs about writing

continuing the musical theme (yes, i'm avoiding homework, but this is a good idea).

first off:

The Beatles - Paperback Writer:

I don't know if this can be topped, actually. This has been one of my favorite songs since I was an eight-year-old soloing on a tennis racket. OMG WRITING IS SO AWESOME!

November 9, 2007

Humor, Will Robinson!

A Robot Performs Standup Comedy to A Lackluster Response.

October 19, 2007

For my fellow nerds

Check out The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.

September 5, 2007


In response to John's call for blogs--and having torn my hungry self away from the food blog Emily mentioned--here are a buncha blogs I haunt:

  • Candleblog, a blog by one of my best friends from high school. Topics include coffee, filmmaking, free speech, grammar, "the nerd life," Vermont (my home state), and many more.
  • The Masala Dose, another blog of a high school friend. A former copyeditor, Spine (the author) is now a grad student and T.A. in Portland.
  • Dohiyi Mir, another blog by a Vermonter, this one focused on politics, free speech, the peace movement, photography, and the author's pack of Dogz and Catz.
  • New York Hack, a New York cabbie's blog, less frequently updated nowadays since she's turned many of the entries into a book.

I guess my knowing about all these blogs is a direct result of another literacy experience: writing--and, more to the point, putting off writing--my dissertation.

Look Ma, I'm on the Internet!

First of all, I want to say that Movable Type is so much nicer than Blogger, it's not even funny. This may be way too cool for me.

Anywho, since we're going to be doing a fair amount of blogging on our own I thought it'd be fun to get a feel for what other blogs people read. There's quite a range out there, so if you want to chime in with a few choice blogs you like to frequent that would be schweet.

Since this is my post, I might as well get the ball rolling with a few of the (way too) many blogs that I read:
The MN Gameday Writer's Blog (where they have one particularly handsome contributor. . .)
Ezra Klein
Talking Points Memo
Marginal Revolution
Lawyers, Guns and Money (I'll save a rant on the Oxford comma for a later date)
Free Darko

That's a decent overview, I suppose. Now, tell me which awesome blogs I'm missing out on.