September 18, 2007

Blogging, why do you hate me??

Oh man...I still don't really get this whole blog thing. So, I've been commenting on all ya'll's ( :) that's fun) blog, and it's been showing up Anonymous because I haven't been signing it.


So, Kirsten, I have been commenting- I'm just not that blog savvy.

September 10, 2007

blogging?! i thought i knew what i was doing...

I feel your pain, Grant...does anyone know how to get my break lines to show up? When I wrote it the first time I had four distinct paragraphs. Now I have a gigantic mass that no one will want to read. :(

I do wanna say one thing...

So, I'm of the old-school, as mentioned in a previous blog, and I do need to say that while I do appreciate the blogging assignments, I really hate blogging. Mostly because I hate typing. Friends and colleagues have lovingly [I think] referred to me as "Grandpa" in the past because of my aversion to technology.

Oh! twenty-first century, why do you mock me with your web-logs?

Kicking and screaming, Comrades. Kicking and screaming.

September 6, 2007

Miranda is a dummy

This entry stemmed from a few confessions of blog illiteracy...So, Katie, Miranda, Brittany, and Jenna are going to learn-- together-- how to use the "hyperlinks" function.

Okay, Katie here. M, B, J: any places you want to link to?

J: How about YouTube?

M: Or the website with the bus stories? I had a funny one this morning with a couple who were clearly enamored with each other, kissing and reminiscing, and the man loaks at his partner wistfully and says, "It all began with a bottle of wine and can of Pringles..."

B: It's hard to top that bus story... still thinking about a website!

K: Okay, let's link to a Youtube thingy, "Overheard in Minneapolis," and, if all else fails us, MetroTransit. (M also just mentioned that arbitrary misspellings bother her, and she has a great example, to which we will link mysteriously.)

So, to do hyperlinks, you will need the url of the site to which you want to link. And that's about it. Also, the little chainlink icon in the composing window will help so that you don't have to know html. Because, feh.

Here's a youtube url:
Now, to make it clickable and pretty, you set it up:

Check out [wait here and hit the hyperlink button]

To get the words to link, and not just the ugly ol' URL, delete the stuff between these brackets (>stuff here<) and replace it with whatever word you want to link. So now, check out The The Impotence of Proofreading.

So, bus stories--hit it, Miranda:
Bus stories.


This. *Drives Miranda crazy*

J: Well, that's about it! My job is to close out this blog, and I am not witty. Alas, Adieu.