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Children Being Tried as Adults

I didn't care for the lead in the Star Tribune' s article, "Adult prosecution at age 13?" : "Lynn Johnson says a 13-year-old boy who pleaded guilty to killing her 2-year-old daughter, Emily, at a home day care last summer never showed any remorse for his crime. And because Minnesota law doesn't allow a juvenile younger than 14 to stand trial as an adult, she believes he got away with murder." First of all, nobody knows Lynn and Emily Johnson so I don't think it's important to mention their names in the lead. Plus, the emphasis in the article is on this 13-year-old kid. Another aspect that's missing from the piece is any testimony from the parents of the kids who are tried as adults. I do think they did a good job of explaining the complexities of the laws that are in place to deal with crimes of under-age children.


It doesn't matter how old they are, everyone should have to be punished for what they have done wrong. If someone is not punished for let's say, a murder, that is basically like telling them they can do it again.

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