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Guns for Self Defense

The Star Tribune's article, "When intruder enters, what is your best move?" was about the Minnesota law allowing residents to use deadly force if confronted with the threat of death. This was the lead, which I thought was terrible: "Joanie Beise has lived in a house with guns for the nearly 34 years she's been married, but only recently has she considered arming herself." First of all, 34-year-old Joanie Beise is neither a celebrity nor central to this story. They should have started the story with a paragraph that came later about an intruder that shot a man and his son to death in Waseca. The article mentions that, "when and how residents should use that force is not always clear cut" but it doesn't attempt to clarify that for the reader. It gives one example of a person who shot an intruder and it was ruled self-defense but I think it was the journalist's job to do more research and try to break down what the law really says for the reader.