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Litvinenko Murder Suspect

The Guardian (UK) article "UK wants to try Russian for Litvinenko Murder" was very confusing to read. It jumped around from one point to another with no coherent connection to the paragraph or point made before. I would best classify it as an inverted pyramid but towards the end it started on a completely different subject. By the lead I assumed the article was going to be about Andrei Lugovoi, and for a couple paragraphs it was but it didn't even try to analyze what his possible motive would have been.Then it talks about President Vladimir Putin being a suspect in the murder and then it starts on a new subject about Russia using their control of energy and gas supplies for political power. Next, the article brings up a report done by the Health Protection Agency about polonium-210. I feel it was poorly organized and difficult to follow. Scottland Yard refused to comment and so the author just gave up on trying to find any other outside sources to contribute to the speculation of Lugovoi's guilt/innocence.