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Outdoor Smoking Ban

Both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press used an Associated Press article to do stories on the trends in Minnesota cities to prohibit smoking in certain outdoor areas. They both used the inverted pyramid style but the Strib had a better hook for their lead: "A bucket of cigarette butts collected by Girl Scouts helped convince the Ham Lake City Council that smoking and city parks don't go together." The Pioneer Press started its article with: "As Minnesota lawmakers..." Boring. They both used the same quotes but I liked how the Strib went back and forth between quotes and stats, unlike the Pioneer Press that just clumped all the quotes together at the end. The Strib also provided more context and included a survey conducted by the U of M that found that 70 percent of 1,500 respondents supported tobacco-free policies for outdoor park and recreation areas.


I just realized there are two of us, I think thats all in the country, I'm not sure if I ever wrote to you or not.
This has nothing to do with this site, but it was the only way I could find of contacting you.
My father says there was two families that came from Croatia with our last name I don't know which family your from, but you could very well be a cousin. Just thought I would reach out and say hello from one Morgan Klarich to Another. (grin)